Why did I make this?

With the new year comes a new wave of promos, and Google Music just won me over with four free months of trial service. When I went to cancel my Spotify premium account on my phone, I quickly found that there was no easy way.

I found the Spotify account cancellation process to be more difficult than necessary, so I decided to share this cumbersome process in detail for anyone else who may be struggling.

In this post, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to cancel your paid Spotify account, all without having to do it yourself (in case you want to keep yours, you can live vicariously through me).

I’ve got your back.

How to cancel your Spotify Premium account

There’s many reasons why you may want to end your pro subscription, and honestly that’s none of my concern. I’m here to help you get the job done.

It’s difficult to cancel on mobile

Spotify is not a new company. Their mobile app launched over six years ago and has gone through many revisions.

They make UI updates and changes such as the hamburger menu change for the iOS app, however it seems like they’ve made a point to keep any account management options out of the mobile Android app.

The desktop version is no better, instead sending you to the website for any account management.

Spotify’s Account Retention Landing Pages

Page one.

Why are you canceling spotify premium

Someone in the marketing department thought, “Well they’re already trying to cancel anyways, so being really annoying can’t possibly hurt.”

I’ve never written an article about how annoying a cancellation process was before, but here we are.

On the first screen after clicking cancel, you’re presented with 9 different reasons that you are forced to choose from to explain yourself.

Attempt number two.


The formatting changes depending on which option you click, which doesn’t seem intentional. It feels like nobody on the Spotify team has actually looked at these pages.

Or maybe I’m the only person canceling my Spotify account.

The third step in canceling your account

Last Attempt Spotify Cancel Retention

After explaining yourself to Spotify, you’re sent to another attempt to convince you to change your mind, this time with the help of The Jackson 5 and a ‘farewell playlist’.

I’m not an expert in the UI of the embedded spotify player, but clicking the icon auto-downloaded the Spotify installer in a final attempt at being annoying, instead of opening the playlist in Spotify as I expected, especially since I’m logged into the Spotify website and they know I’m already a user.


You’re told that you need to enter your password again for verification purposes, which is another annoying hurdle.

Or potential hurdle I should say, because when I actually clicked the button, it successfully cancelled my account, taking me to a final confirmation page.

Cancel the old school way

If you don’t want to click any of the buttons to tell them why you’d like to cancel, you can do so via a printed, filled out, and mailed letter. Seriously.

Spotify Cancellation Form

What if I keep my subscription

After all of this work creating custom pages and flows to keep you subscribed, surely the “keep your subscription” option does something nice.

Unfortunately when you decide to stick with Spotify, you’re unceremoniously taken back to your account subscriptions management page. No “thanks for sticking around” message, nada.

It might seem like I’m nitpicking here, but come on, after all of that retention effort, it’s one small step to make for a better user experience for someone you nearly just lost.

How I Would Improve Spotify’s Cancellation Process

I don’t want to critique the process without offering some ideas on how I’d make it better, so here we go.

Fix the copywriting

Aside from the generally poor copywriting, these pages are riddled with grammar errors.

“I want to switch payment method” is wrong. “I want to switch payment methods” is better.

Fix the page inconsistencies

The design for these pages is all over the place.

Sometimes you get the “woman sitting on a fence” header image (Why?),

Improve the tech support reason

A link to the FAQ forum and a mailto link is weak. This page should have an inline form that lets the user immediately get help, or at least feel like they did.