Cyber Monday > Black Friday.


Because you get to take advantage of my sweet deals instead of ditching your family and friends to camp out in the cold on Thanksgiving night.

Choose a door and get your deal.

Door #1: 50% off Instagram & Twitter growth services, for life.

This gives you up to $2700/year in savings. With the deal these plans start at $37.50 a month and averages at 400-1000+ targeted followers monthly. You can do this deal yourself by using the code CYBERMONDAY50 at (my new service).

Twitter Stats


Door #2: 50% off Adwords setups & audits.

Normally priced at $1,500, this is a whopping $750 off (Maybe I’m punishing myself for not coming up with a more creative deal). If you’re spending more than $1,500 a month in Adwords, the average account stands to make this money back ten-fold just from recuperating lost spend.

Adwords Improvements

Door #3: 50% off an SEO audit & strategy.

This includes a full on-site SEO audit, including competitive analysis, my keyword research strategy, content strategy for top keywords, and exactly what you need to do to rank and take advantage of the glorious organic traffic you’re missing out on. $500 for the next 24 hours.

SEO Results

Just email me at to let me know # you’re interested in or if you have any questions and I’ll hook you up.

Extra special holiday deal: If you want any of these purchases but already went too crazy with your Black Friday & Cyber Monday spending, I’m happy to arrange split payments on any of the above plans, just send me a PM and we’ll work it out.

Happy shopping,