What Are Expanded Text Ads

Not Using Google’s Expanded Text Ads? Here’s Why You’re Burning Money.

Google has just made expanded text ads available for all advertisers.

This is really important right now for two main reasons:

1) Expanded Text Ads get nearly 50% more screen real-estate than current search ads.

Image from Google showing how amazing expanded text ads are.

2) They are brand new. A majority of advertisers online seem to take a ‘set it and forget it’ mindset with paid advertising (which is weird considering you’re putting your money on the line, but that’s for another blog post).

This means that there’s a huge opportunity right now to create ads that will drastically outperform your competitor’s ads for the exact same search terms.

Here’s how to ride the wave in three easy steps.

Step 1)
Go to your Adwords Editor at https://adwords.google.com

Step 2
Select any campaign with search ads enabled.

Step 3
Click + Ad and select Text Ad

Step 4
Create your ad according to the example to the right of the form. It’s just as simple as it looks!

Expanded Text Ads GIF

That’s all! You’re ready to rock.

Update: 8/3/16
I’ve been doing some testing across multiple ad accounts and the results are simply awesome.

Expanded Text Ads Are Better

4x Increase in Click Through Rate
Cheaper cost per click

And I’m still testing!

If you have any questions, ideas, or results to share about expanded text ads, drop a comment below.

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