Below you can find a list of my services, with varying availability.


Let’s test the waters here.

I only work with people who I’m confident will get a positive ROI from what I do.

If it’s not a win/win, I don’t do it.

The following offers are designed to figure out if we’re a match.


This is an external SEO audit, which includes the following:

  • Website code analysis for proper SEO tagging
  • On-page writing and images
  • External inbound links
  • Internal linking strategy
  • Current search rankings
  • Strategy & implementation call

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In this audit, I will take a look ‘under the hood’ at your ad account to get an idea of what you have going on. While I’m inside, I’ll be able to quickly diagnose if there are any gaps or cash bleeds.

To make sure that your Adwords campaign is solid, we’ll have a quick call to discuss the following:

  • Your adwords campaign strategy
  • Current campaign performance
  • Conversion goals
  • KPI’s
  • Tracking & ROI

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SHOW ME THE MONEY | Paid Services

Let’s make some cashola.

SEO Deep Dive Audit + Report + Plan | $1.5k

In this report, you’ll get everything you need to do your SEO.

Whether you decide to work with me or not, this will be your gameplan for the next year or longer.

Your report includes:

  • Deep Dive Keyword report
    • Competitive audit
    • Long tail opportunities
    • Current opportunities
  • Onpage Analysis + Recommendations

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PPC Refresher | $2k – $5k

The PPC refresher includes:

  • New ad creatives
  • Keyword changes
  • Campaign structure
  • Campaign settings & more.

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Long Term

Like I said before, I only work with people who I’m confident will see a positive ROI from what I do.

These are my ongoing working arrangements that are designed to combine short term results with long term outcomes for a comprehensive and realistic ROI-based strategy.

My goal is to make back your investment as quickly as possible while building the foundation for long-term compounding results.

Note: To get started with either service, I will need to perform the respective audit. If you’ve already done an audit with me, then we will be able to begin immediately.

SEO Management

Most providers ask you to call for a quote, and then will price you as high as they think they can.

I’ve broken down my SEO services into four distinct packages, which I’ve found is flexible across everything I’ve come across.

Bronze | $1k/mo

Perfect for small or low competition niches

Examples: Niche Local Services, Dog Grooming, Personal trainers, Massage Therapists, coffee shops, etc.

Silver | $2.5k/mo

Perfect for medium competition niches

Examples: Home Services, Niche eCommerce

Gold | $5k/mo

Perfect for high competition niches

Examples: Legal, finance, real estate, marketing

All plans include different levels of on-page optimizations, new page creation, blog posts, link building, guest post outreach, and more.

Example Campaign:

A Dentist in San Diego wants to get more clients with Google.

After discussing their goals and services, they order an SEO audit, where we find the following target search phrases:

  • San Diego Teeth Whitening (150 monthly searches)
  • Teeth Whitening San Diego (300 monthly searches)
  • Tooth Whitening San Diego (400 monthly searches)

These three search phrases get over 850 monthly searches, and based on the competition, we could likely get page one rankings for the terms within a few months.

We’re going to do a little math here, but don’t worry – I’ll keep it simple.

Remember, these search terms add up 850 monthly searches.

Research shows the #1 position in the search results gets 33% of those clicks, which equals 280 clicks per month.

Google’s keyword planner tells us that a paid click for “san diego teeth whitening” averages around $5. So at $5 per click, those 280 clicks would cost $1,400.

An average website conversion rate is 1-4%, which would be 3 to 11 new teeth whitening patients every month from google search.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as there are an additional 4,100 long tail searches (1,353 clicks at 33%) for phrases like “painless teeth whitening”, “teeth whitening appointment”, “teeth whitening clinics”, and more.

There are many other great opportunities for dentists in the san deigo area, such as “sedation dentistry san diego” (100 monthly searches at $17/click), “dental implants san diego” (250 monthly searches at $14/click), “invisalign san diego” (90 monthly searches at $19/click), and so forth.

In fact, this looks like such a win/win, I’m going to go contact some san diego based dentists and see if we can strike a deal. If you’re one of those dentists… hey there 🙂

What to expect

The goal is to secure position 1 for our target phrases.

Typically this can be achieved in 2-6 months, but with SEO there are no guarantees.

Once our goals are reached, we can drop into a maintenance mode (50% of the growth cost), and is used to continue tracking and maintaining rankings. There are multiple reasons the rankings could drop; It can look unusual to Google for the growth to suddenly drop off, or a competitor could have an ongoing SEO campaign and take advantage of the stagnated efforts.

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PPC Management

I manage your paid ad accounts, you make more money. Oh yeah.

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One on One Stuff

Here’s what you can do directly with me.

Strategy Calls

We’ll schedule a call to go over whatever you’re struggling in business.

For most people, this typically boils down to two problems: Getting more people, or convincing more people to buy.

These calls are available on a limited basis.

30 Minutes: Not Available

60 Minutes: Not Available

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These calls will end at scheduled time, so expect to cover a lot of ground quickly.

After the call, you will get a recording, along with my notes.