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This is one of my most popular reports. Let me catch you up really quickly over its origin.

Over the past year, I’ve taken a spent quite a bit of time thinking about the ‘big picture’. How I want to spend my time, what I want to contribute, and so on.

During this time I’ve caught up on some much-needed creative time, including plenty of music (writing and listening), reading, laying in the sun, all that good stuff.

Meanwhile, things have been trucking along inside of my private group. (You might have heard about it the last time I opened the doors (around a year ago if I recall correctly))

I can’t share any of my workshop recordings as a freebie, unfortunately – not only are they hours long, but the weekly meetings and hands-on support that comes with them is a crucial part of actually putting the strategies into action.

So instead I want to give you something that you can quickly digest on your own (<10 minutes) and immediately put into action for your business.

This is one of my favorite special reports: The Only Marketing Strategy You Need To Succeed In 2021 (And Beyond)

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We’re over halfway through 2021, and I’ve watched far too many entrepreneurs and marketers hammering the same ineffective tactics over and over.

Consistency isn’t a bad thing, but it can become deadly for your business when it turns into a rut, like a record stuck in the groove, repeating over and over, never getting anywhere.

This report will reveal the pitfalls of popular marketing strategies, however, that’s only the start.

The real gold is the SIMPLE marketing strategy I will reveal, which any type of business can use to consistently get targeted leads & sales, without gambling your time and money on whatever the trending marketing idea is currently floating around the IM world.

I use this methodology for every business and client that I’ve worked with. Home services, e-commerce, dropshipping, lawyers, personal trainers, supplements, SaaS signups, events, and more.

To be clear, this isn’t some magic push-button solution that will alleviate your marketing woes overnight.

This is the foundation of every marketing campaign and business strategy I work with. It allows me to be laser-focused on what I need to do to produce sales while spending as little time working as possible (which is what I’m really about)

It will raise important questions about what you’re *really* selling, why people should buy it, and how to connect those dots.

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