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Who Is This For?

Entrepreneurs who want to take their online business to the next level with the help of yours truly.

What’s Going To Be Included?

When you join my exclusive & private program, you get access to:

  • Access To Me: Normally I charge $250 an hour for consulting, but you’ll be able to ask me unlimited questions inside of the group and via private chat. This is the only way to get direct access to me.
  • Free Consultation Call: Like I said, these calls are usually $250, but you’ll get one for free for joining up. You can cash it in whenever you need it – whether you are stuck and need direction, want to get some website changes done, need a pair of eyes on your SEO or Adwords campaign, or just want to chat (hey, I’m up for it if that’s how you want to spend your call – It’s yours to use as your please).
  • Free Workshop Trainings: You’ll get FREE access to my trainings which are worth well over $1,000 each. These trainings are not available anywhere else right now. More details below on how these will work.
  • Special Discounts: You get the best price on what I’ve got to offer, including my consulting calls, other products, and additional group workshops. (I have a unique accountability group in the wings)
  • Bonus Materials: I have more ideas in the wings for additional time-saving and income-increasing trainings that fall outside of the defined scope below. You’ll get them!
  • Ongoing Support: You get direct access to me to ask ANY questions. Obviously the focus is on business, marketing, and tech – but I’m an open book here, and you get full access.
  • Webinar Replays: Missed a webinar? No problem – you’ll get a replay for any webinars you’re been a member for. You’ll also instantly get my WordPress Workshop replay. I will sell these later for $497-$997+ (with notes and all), so this is a steal on its own.
Shopify Store Improvements (Redesigned pages, optimized paid ad campaign)

This could be you after my Adwords training

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of The Workshops

The values that you’ll find for each service or topic is what I charge clients for the same work. You’ll be able to apply this to your own business, or even sell the services to your own clients.

Adwords Campaign Mastery = $2,500 Value

Learn the same methods that I used to take an ecommerce store from $2k/day to $10k/day net profit. This includes the foundation, like the campaign setup that I’ve never seen on a single client’s account before I came on board. But we’ll go a step farther and discuss the importance of the behind-the-scenes numbers of a successful campaign, and how to make sure the odds are in your favor.

DIY Deep Dive Keywords = $1,000 Value

The exact method that I use for deep dive keyword research. This is how I create a content strategy that plans a year’s worth of weekly blog posts. Normally I charge $1,000 for this service, and now you can learn to do it yourself.

Project Management For Pros = $1,000 Value

Change the way you do project management – Or start using it if you aren’t yet. This is my personal system that works for anyone. Gone are the days of having to ask “What are you working on?” or “What do I need to do?” You’ll have it all planned out.

Outsourcing Like A Breeze = $1,000 Value

Using outsourcers is one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. It single handedly bought me the freedom to take time off of work and even travel for months at a time. I’ll show you my internal systems for hiring and managing outsourcers without wasting time or money on flakes.

Harness The Power Of Viral Traffic = $1,000 Value

I’ll teach you my viral contest system which easily captures 1,000+ emails in one simple viral giveaway campaign. You’ll also learn my secrets to boost viral contests and even make sales when giving away a product.

Analytics & KPI Krash Kourse = $1,000 Value

Don’t know your numbers? You should know exactly where all of your traffic is coming, and where your sales are being generated. Doesn’t matter if it’s from Facebook, Google, Twitter, or specific Email campaigns – Google Analytics can tell you where to focus your efforts, and I’ll show you how.

WordPress Made Easy = $2,500+ Value

Learn the exact way that I create beautiful and high converting WordPress sites in mere hours. Ill show you the method and tools I use to build websites that people typically charge $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 – even $10k and onward to build.

Twitter Traffic Autopilot Secrets = $500 Value

You will gain access to my private methods and case studies for generating traffic from Twitter, completely hands-free. I’ll show you exactly how one of the top digital marketing companies drives tens of thousands of link clicks with simple automation.

How To Sell Without Selling = $1,000 Value

If you have a truly good and ethical product, this simple method will make your sales effortless, even if you hate selling. I started selling like this because I was determined to defy the stereotypical douchey salesman stereotype – and it works swimmingly.

Copywriting Crash Course = $500 Value

This quick crash course will help any level of copywriter. It gives the fledgling writer a fast foundation to craft compelling landing pages, social media posts, emails, and sales pages – while serving as a refreshing reminder to more experienced copywriters.

Nootropics For Noobs = $100 Value

I’ll go into detail on the nootropic stack that I use to keep my mind sharp and energy high, without wrecking my health.

Total Value = Over $10,000

All I can say is that Morgan is brilliant! He definitely knows his stuff. He is amazing to work with (and very patient).

A sneak peek of the vault…

My Designs Get Results

In my WordPress Mastery Workshop, you’ll learn how to design your own highly effective landing pages and websites. Yes, you will be able to make websites just like the “after” one on the right.



But Wait, There’s More!

The workshops will give you powerful ways to achieve specific goals, however the strategy that goes into positioning your offer, understanding your market, and structuring your business are what will give you a strong foundation to scale up from.

Everything above is what I have explicitly planned to cover.

But we won’t only be focusing on individual techniques like you see listed above. We’ll also be diving into deeper subjects, like:

Business. Let’s face the facts: If you’re selling one thing, you have a product – not a business. If you’re performing a service and doing it all yourself, you are a freelancer – not a business. Don’t worry – we’ll cover ways to structure your business and turn it into something that you can actually take time away from, while knowing in confidence that it won’t crash and burn

Sales psychology. People often think that selling is something that happens in the course of one interaction. However experienced salesmen understand that the sales process starts far before that. This will certainly be a recurring subject in the group posts and discussions.

Health. Because there’s no point in having a successful business if you’re dead or bed-ridden. Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ll show you simple ways to live a better quality of life, which will have a positive impact on all of your waking moments – and your business.

Networking. This is a curated group, and I don’t let just anyone in. There are opportunities for us to help each other’s business, even if it’s simply passing along a lead that doesn’t need what you offer, for a referral fee. I have more coming on this later that will make us all more money.

The Latest & Greatest. I’m obsessive about both learning and testing. I’ll share the results of my tests and the best tech solutions out there as I find them (and how to use them) so that we can all benefit together.

You’ll be able to do this too, after my Viral Contest Crash Course

Don’t wait… because it won’t always be here

There’s several reasons you shouldn’t wait on this if you’re remotely interested.

1 – This is not going to be available forever.

No, I’m not dying or anything like that.

But this group is not going to be around a year from now.

As you probably know by now, I’m all about creating scalable and semi-passive income.

I’m adding a massive commitment to my schedule to create the best content possible for Momentum City, and frankly it’s not something that I want to do for too long.

I love teaching and helping people, but it takes a lot out of me in both time and energy. So I’m only committing myself to doing this for a year to avoid the dreaded burnout which can turn even the hardest worker into a perpetually exhausted Netflix and Facebook zombie.

If you want my help, I will be more than happy to provide it. But you can’t wait for later because in the back of your head you know that “Morgan will always be there”, because I’m not gonna be.

You get me for a year, and that’s that.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of waiting?

I said the group will be going for a year. But the doors will not always be open.

2 – It’s not getting any cheaper

In fact, it’s getting more expensive.

At the time of this writing, it costs $250 for an hour on the phone with me.

This time is for whatever you want, but most people use this time to cover their overall marketing strategy, or even do a screenshare to directly work on the technical side of their business.

My hourly rate is going to both go up and become less available with time.

And if there is an opportunity to join this private group later, it sure won’t be this cheap again. I’ve already been struggling to stick with the current number just because of the immense value of never-before-shared stuff we’ll be covering.

Also, if you join late (assuming this stays open for long.. which it won’t), the price will have gone up, and you won’t get free access to the stuff covered prior. That wouldn’t be fair to the folks who joined me first, and you will have to pay full price for what you’ve missed.

That means you’ll have to pay 10x the cost if you put it off and want it later.

Plus you’ll miss out on the live aspect, where you have me available for personal guidance and to answer any questions you have.

He is a brainiac that makes you feel like a superhero. HIRE HIM before he isn’t taking on new clients or something…

How do the workshops work?

Each main workshop subject will take one month to fully cover.

The workshop will include guided webinar lessons over the subject, which will also be recorded for current members.

After that, I will be available in the group for any questions you have, and will provide individual guided help for anything you get stuck on.

I don’t expect the presentations to be perfect, especially since they’ll be done live. However I’m determined to get you to my level on these subjects, and I’m dedicated to getting you up to speed no matter what it takes.

And afterwards, I’ll be reworking the workshop into a properly recorded and edited course, that you will get free access to (to be sold outside of the group for 10x the cost).

Here’s my approach to workshops

Let’s say you need to escape from a zombie horde.

You’ve had to escape from zombies before, right?

Obviously the best way to do it is with a car, so you run out to your driveway and realize your keys are totally missing.

The zombies are closing in on you fast, and all you have is your phone. Fortunately you know two great mechanics!

You call Frank, the first mechanic, and explain that you need to get your car started so you can avoid being eaten alive.

“Well, it sounds like you need to get your car started without a key. Fortunately there’s a way to do that, and it’s not even that hard. It’s actually pretty simple, you see cars operate just based on simple combustion which starts out by… Wait what’s that sound? Are you eating a hamburger? And what’s all that dang yelling?”

And you join the zombie ranks… after being eaten up a bit.

Meanwhile in an alternate timeline, another version of you calls Sam, your other mechanic buddy. “Help, I can’t start my car and don’t have the keys and there are zombies coming to eat my brains!” you scream to Sam.

Sam replies, “Woah, okay. Take a deep breath. First pop off the plastic under the steering wheel and find the wires underneath. Pull out the wires that go to the ignition, touch the ends together while you pump the gas, and she’ll start right up.”

And off you are to the races, turning zombies into speed bumps as you zoom off to safety.

Two notes: I may have watched too many zombie flicks, and that’s also not exactly how you hotwire a car. But the point remains.

The point is, both ways will eventually get you where you want to go.

And it’s fine if you want to do extensive learning about a specific subject to become a true expert in it. Frank’s way is just fine, if you have the liberty of plenty of time and don’t have a sense or urgency.

But if you want to reach a level of skill quickly, you only need to learn the essentials. I’ve taken these subjects, boiled them down, skimmed off the fat, and will be covering the stuff you need to know.

I am the Sam, and I’m here to save you from the zombies.

If that metaphor was too much for you, here’s a time test real-world example of what I’m talking about here.

The Pareto principle (Or the 80/20 rule)

If you’re not familiar with the Pareto principle, it’s as follows: For most events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

80% of your results comes from 20% of your efforts.

In these workshops, I’m drilling down into the most important 20% of each workshop subject so that you can get the 80% that matters while spending far less time and money.

I’m confident that within a month’s time, you will be more skilled than most entrepreneurs and internet marketers who only skim the surface without ever diving deeper.

Instead you can skip the painful beginner stages and advantage of the time and testing I’ve personally invested into mastering these techniques.

We’ll be diving into the stuff that really matters while everyone else is distracted with the junk out there.

Will you help me with my other tech issues?

Yes. You can kiss your technical problems good-bye.

Need to know what software to use for your new membership site?

Having trouble connecting your email system to your landing page solution?

Don’t know which email software to use? Stuck on payment processing?

Not sure how to get the right traffic to your website or offer?

Want some eyeballs or a critique on your new landing page?

Any other strange problem that happens on a computer or in the magical internet world?

I’ve got you covered.

I spend (probably too much) time every day keeping up with the latest in technology news. My finger is on the pulse for new contenders, alternatives, integrations, and other nerdy things.

Instead of wasting time and money using the wrong technology in your business (on top of expensive set-up and management costs), get access to my guidance and avoid future mistakes.

Any time you have a question, just post in the group and I’ll help you as fast as possible.

I try not to waste any time on social media and I keep almost all of my notifications off, but I will be watching this group like a hawk.

Might even reinstall the app on my phone, just for you guys.

Will you really be around?

I hate that I even have to clarify this, but after joining several other mastermind groups and programs, I’ve had a common complaint.

Now the other programs that I’ve joined didn’t explicitly state that the person in charge would be around and available, but it’s easy to assume with their marketing.

However I’ve joined several in which the organizer is hardly even present, and updates are rare. Instead the group is left to fend for itself and self manage.

That’s not happening here.

I will be around every day, answering questions, checking in on you, sharing my latest insights and updates, and being generally present. You won’t feel alone or wonder what you got yourself into here.

That said: I know I can’t keep that level of availability up forever. I love doing my own thing. I have music to make, and tech businesses to build.

That’s why this group has an expiration date, and is why you shouldn’t wait to join if it’s something that sounds helpful to you.

Seriously, I like the whole ‘do what I want’ thing

Why Am I Doing This?

Because I’m sick and tired.

I’m sick of seeing jabroni snake oil salesman flat out ripping off well intentioned entrepreneurs, business owners, and friends of mine, with their flashly and jargon-filled promises.

Here’s My Rip-off Report

Remember Cutco/Vector knives? How about shady green shakes, or weight loss wraps?

The business model that traditional scummy companies has used for dozens of years to lure newbie entrepreneurs to their ways (only to destroy their credibility and relationships) has kept up with the times and moved online.

This business model is called MLM – or Multi-Level Marketing – and relies on persuading people to go for get-rich-quick schemes which usually involve high pressure sales tactics to their existing network (hence the other name Network Marketing).

In 2017, these unsavory businesses can now be found online, taking advantage of the easier-than-ever direct advertising methods and cheap persuasion tactics in order to make a quick buck.

Here’s a quick fact from Wikipedia about MLM:

Studies by independent consumer watchdog agencies have shown that between 990 and 999 of every 1000 participants (i.e. between 99.0% and 99.9% of all participants) in MLMs in fact lose money.

Great business model, huh?

In the past, the popular things to sell were typically health & fitness products as well as the occasional door-to-door product (like knives).

But today the hot target is online entrepreneurs.

With entreprenurship more popular than ever, thanks to the availability of the internet and shows like Shark Tank, shady salesmen are all over the opportunity.

That’s why there’s a new magical software or automated solution to seemingly every problem you can find for marketing online.

And while they may seem good at first, investing into these fly-by-night operations can seem like a decent and even low risk idea.

But basing your business and your livlihood on them is flat out dangerous and can seriously harm your income.

I have friends who have lost tens of thousands of dollars.

They’ve been completly fleeced by these shady con-artists, and it pains me to see anyone get burned like that, even more when it’s someone that I care about.

I realized that it’s going to keep happening again, and again, and again – unless I did something to stop it.

So that’s why I’m doing this. I’m a technical dude, and I’ve also made my living as an adult in the online business & internet marketing world.

I’ve been into the darkest corners of the internet to get the real inside scoop on what’s what. I’ve tested the waters and put my own money on the line to find out what really works online.

When I first started developing the systems that I use today, I practiced on my own business while using the techniques I learned to get great results for my consulting clients. These days I’m getting more requests than I could feasibly manage (due to the pesky amount of hours in a day) and this group is my solution.

Followgate Organic SEO Search Traffic

Beep beep, here’s some traffic

What’s the price?

You get all of the above and more like this:

$350 gets you in, which includes access to my Private Vault & Group
$125 per month keeps you in, and gives you all of the benefits listed above.

This will give you access to the past workshops, which will be sold later for 5-10x the cost

You will never get direct access to me or my trainings at this price again…

If that’s too much for you to invest into your business right now, there’s no pressure – for real.

Instead you should sign up for my free email newsletter on the right sidebar, and check out the free content on the rest of my website. There’s plenty there for any level of marketer to gain some knowledge and skills that will help improve their business. It’s just more of the surface level stuff. This group is going to be the real meat and potatoes.

Let’s talk about worth vs. value

Every month, the content inside will easily be worth 10x your investment – which only takes the training in mind – excluding the incalculatable value of having such open access to me and your fellow amazing group members.

I’m serious. I’ve never made such access available and may never do it again.

But the VALUE?

What does it mean to your business if I help turn your conversion rate from 1% to 2%? (Hint, it doubles your income)

What’s the difference in your life if I help you get more work done in less time? (What’s your time worth to you anyways? Don’t forget you can never get it back…)

Anyways, you should know by now if this is something that will help your business.

I want you to trust your gut on this one.

If it feels right for you, get your bad self signed up here.

If not?

No hard feelings…

… Just don’t get too jealous or ridden with FOMO as you hear about the incredible stuff going on behind the locked doors.

Sign up here

See you on the other side.

Labor Day Weekend Signup Bonuses

If you join this weekend before the doors close, you’ll also instantly get:

1. A replay of the live wordpress workshop. You may have seen it in the group for a bit… But if you’re reading this, it’s gone now.

2. Instant access to my book notes (From books like Dan Kennedy’s NO BS Pricing Guide, How To Win Friends & Influence People, Ultimate Sales Machine, Adweek Copywriting Handbook, and more)

3. Free 30 minute call with me, redeemable when you want (Normally costs $150)

4. Unreleased copy of my Growth Hacker’s Guide To Twitter (45 pages – early review says “Yo this twitter guide is effing awesome. I just read it last night but it’s already working”)


Need to know more? Have any questions?

Hit me up on my contact page.

If you’ve made it this far but you’re thinking “Who is this guy? How did I get here?”…

Check out my new about page to get the scoop on who I am and what I’m about.

This breaks a lot of ‘conversion rules’ about only having one place for people to click to, but I only want people in here who really know who I am and what to expect.

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