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My Book Recommendations

I’ve meant to put a reading list together for a while, but it was tough to pick which books to include, since I didn’t want to just give out a massively overwhelming list of every book I’ve ever enjoyed.

These are the most important books that I’ve read in regards to being an online entrepreneur, with special regard to the context of everything going on right now: Changing times, some hardship, handling difficult situations, increasing importance of digital communication, and getting in front of the right people online, and more.

Improvely Review & Guide For Beginners

This is a quick Improvely review along with some tips for new users to get started. Whenever I’m running any kind of paid advertising campaign, I always make sure that I’ve got Improvely set up and running before I spend a dime.

Coffee With Dan Meredith – An Inside Look

Dan Meredith is not your average entrepreneur, as you’ll instantly realize the moment you step into his world.

King of getting shit done

See what I mean?

How Digital Marketer got 22,869 Link Clicks From Twitter On Autopilot

Twitter is an incredible source of targeted traffic, if you know how to use it properly.

If you’re not already aware, Digital Marketer is a data-driven online marketing company known for creating methods and techniques based on their findings..

They do a ton of testing and are quite open about it.

All Of Gary Halbert’s Boron Letters From Prison (In Order)

I found it was pretty tough to find the free online copy of the Boron Letters, so I gathered everything in order here so everyone can benefit from it.

Below you’ll find a link to each of the letters on the original site.

The original website’s layout is a bit dated and tough to navigate, so I put this simple list together.

My Top Hello Bonsai Alternative (Since It’s No Longer Free)

It’s the end of an era for us Hellobonsai users. It was a good year, but this former freemium service has suddenly shifted their model into a paid one. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but many marketers are less than eager about adding another monthly bill to their pile. So if you’re looking for a good Hello Bonsai alternative, you’ve landed in the right place. I spend quite a bit of time keeping a pulse on new softwares and other cool technology out there on the internet.

freedcamp dashboard widgets

My Deep Dive Freedcamp Review + Ultimate Setup Guide

If you’re looking for a solution for your project management woes, look no further.

Freedcamp is the ultimate online project management software, and for some amazing reason, it’s completely free!

One of the common fears is that there will be a drop in quality compared to other solutions like Basecamp or Trello. “Is it just a free basecamp?” – No!

Will Paid Ads Work For My Business - Calculator Inside

Will Paid Ads Work For My Business? (Calculator Inside)

Paid ads is nothing but a numbers game.

google lead services

What Is Google Lead Services And How Does It Work?

If you’re into the world of advertising, or are an internet power-user, you may have come across Google Lead Services.

Not surprisingly, many people who come across the idea or phrase have the same question.

So I’ve done the research and got the scoop on what Google Lead Services is, and if they’re what you’re looking for.

pomodoro tracking app

How To Do A Pomodoro

Pomodoro’s have been a game changer to my productivity, so I’m going to show you how to do them.

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