This is a quick Improvely review along with some tips for new users to get started. Whenever I’m running any kind of paid advertising campaign, I always make sure that I’ve got Improvely set up and running before I spend a dime.

What I Use Improvely For

Click fraud tracking – This is one of the most popular features that Improvely includes. The automatic fraud monitoring is able to be set up to send an email alert the moment that suspicious activity is suspected. It packages everything together into a simple report so that you can block these fraudulent clicks, or report them on to Google.

Conversion tracking – This is the main reason that I love Improvely. The conversion tracking works by tracking all of the entry points from your users.

Let’s take a deeper look at how powerful the conversion & user tracking is.

In my opinion the best feature hands down is the user explorer.

It gives you a crystal-clear picture of who is converting on your website, where they go before converting, where they came from, and how many individual times they visited before becoming a customer.

This is especially valuable when you’re running any kind of paid ads, since you can see exactly which keywords and ads are turning into sales.

I also find the reporting easier to use in general than Google Analytics. The streamlined interface makes it easier to find insights that would otherwise be hard to replicate inside of Google Analytics.

By using redirects, you can also use Improvely tracking links (or even just UTM insertion) to use it as a single dashboard to monitor all of your paid traffic, and even other traffic sources.

For example using a redirect for your Twitter profile link which would tag be visitors coming from your Twitter profile, allowing you to see what specific type of conversions and how much profit are coming from that link.

Or if you’re using a URL in a direct mail advertisement you could use a redirect from a special promotional URL to see much traffic came from that piece of mail, and how well it converted for your conversion action.

Using Improvely For Affiliate Tracking

You can also use Improvely to quickly set up affiliate tracking. You’ll need to manage the payouts & calculations yourself, but you can use Improvely to track your affiliates traffic.

Here’s how to do it.

For each affiliate you’ll need to:

1. Create a tracking link in Improvely with your affiliate’s information.

2. Create a 301 redirect from your website to this tracking link.

3. Create a goal for your sales.

4. Give both links (the 301 redirect and the ‘naked’ link with all tracking information) to your affiliate.

Now you’re good to go. Anyone who clicks your affiliate’s link will show up as Ad Traffic, and you can track their journey to a sale.