Dan Meredith is not your average entrepreneur, as you’ll instantly realize the moment you step into his world.

King of getting shit done

See what I mean?

He’s most well known for his critically acclaimed Facebook group, Coffee With Dan, which is going strong at over 11,000 members (at the time of this writing) in the short span of only a couple years.

If you take a look at round-up blog posts for the best Facebook groups, CWD is sure to pop up time and time again. That’s just what Inc.com said, anyways.

Barely 2 years ago, it was sitting at 3,000 members (which is still no small task).

3,000 members feels so long ago

So how did he do it?

The beauty in Dan’s method is its simplicity.

1. Persistence. Dan shows up every day, rain or shine.

2. Just doing it. This is one of Dan’s key philosophies – the foundation of “Be More Dan”.

While most entrepreneurs have an overthinking problem, Dan is loud and proud about his ‘underthinking’ problem.

Instead of getting caught up in analysis paralysis like the rest of us, Dan simply does.

Espresso With Dan – An Inside Look

And the results of his “doing” show how well it works. If having over 10,000 members in his public group wasn’t proof enough, then Espresso With Dan surely seals the deal.

Right now you can see that Espresso With Dan has over 500 members in it. At £97/mo, that’s nothing to scoff at.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. Being More Dan on his personal page
  2. Starting Coffee With Dan & being there every day
  3. Continuing to do consulting & client work as he builds his empire
  4. Launched His Podcast (Death Glory or Disappointment)
  5. Launching Espresso With Dan membership site
  6. Publishing A Book (How To Be F*CKING Awesome)
  7. Live event in London with Gary V
  8. And much, much more… (Check out present day Dan for this)

This is a perfect example of how simple your marketing funnel needs to be.

Even though this looks like a lot of steps, it boils down to this:

Traffic -> Offer

You can see how things have shifted and grown, but fundamentally it’s all about sending traffic to an offer.

At the beginning, his offer revolved around 1 on 1 consulting.

In 2015 he was still doing small launches for group consulting programs.

His offer was his time & consulting, and his traffic was from his personal Facebook page + the Coffee With Dan group.

But in January 2016, everything changed.

Dan decided to launch his paid private group, Espresso With Dan.

I don’t know the story, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the launch was a Dan Idea which he dove head-first into (in true Dan fashion) – and look how it turned out for him.

It wasn’t long after launching his private group that he was doing live private events, bringing in well known experts such as Gary Vaynerchuck as guest speakers.

Where To Find Dan Meredith

Your best starting place is Coffee With Dan, the free Facebook group. Dan’s in there every day the day while being 1000% Dan, which is worth joining just to observe and study alone. But the community is also fantastic, which is rare for a group so large.

It’s truly a welcoming and wonderful bunch of folks, which is why it’s the only free group I even follow on Facebook. If you had to pick one, this is it.

Dan Meredith and Morgan Crozier

Ask Dan about the spicy tacos in Austin if you want to see him sweat

Present Day Dan

These days, you can find Dan going “balls deep” into EWD Part 2, where he’s greasing the wheels and making improvements to make the group even better in 2018.

The group is getting bigger and bigger and Dan seems to get busier by the day managing Planet Dan, so don’t sleep on the opportunity to get involved and get some personal attention from the beast of business.